What Is Affiliate Marketing Training?

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So exactly what is affiliate marketing training?  There is quite a bit of information out there about affiliate marketing, so anyone who is interested in learning about affiliate marketing and how this business model works can easily find it. 

But because there is so much information out there, it can be confusing to figure out which information is legitimate and which is not.  Much of the information you will find online will be about various affiliate marketing training courses.  And it’s important to decipher which of those courses will actually help you learn how to start an affiliate marketing business, and which might end up being a waste of your time and money.

So the question is, what is affiliate marketing training and what exactly does it cover?  What can you expect to learn and accomplish if you take an affiliate marketing training course of some sort?

What Is Affiliate Marketing Training?

First, it’s important to know exactly what affiliate marketing is!

Then, the question of “what is affiliate marketing training” will become quite clear.

The actual definition of affiliate marketing is as follows – a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays a commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

Sounds kind of complicated, huh?

The fact is that affiliate marketing sounds a whole lot more complicated than it actually is.  But people do over complicate it….and sometimes even if they’re interested in it they never get started because they have no idea what to do.  If that’s you, don’t worry.

Basically, all affiliate marketing means is that you’re selling someone else’s stuff online.  That’s it!  Selling someone else’s stuff online.

Don’t overcomplicate it.

And because you’re selling someone else’s stuff, it means that you didn’t have to create the product or service yourself.  You didn’t have to do any of the things required to bring a product or service to market.  That was already done for you.  And this is one huge reason why affiliate marketing is a great business model.

what is affiliate marketing

There are only a few things you need to start affiliate marketing.

  1. Something to sell 
  2. Somewhere to sell it
  3. Skillset

Something To Sell

The first thing you need is something to sell.  Without something to sell, you have no business. 

What can you sell?  This is truly unlimited. There are literally 10’s of thousands of different types of products and services available for which the owners/companies will gladly pay you a commission to sell.  And out of all the 10’s of thousands of products that you could potentially sell…..you didn’t have to create or manufacture any of them. 

Remember….you’re selling other people’s stuff! That means not only do you not have to create the products, you also don’t have to collect money, you don’t have to ship anything, you don’t have to handle returns, and you don’t need a customer service department.  The companies that own the products do all that.  It’s really a beautiful business model.

Somewhere To Sell It

Once you have identified your niche and some products or services within that niche to sell, you need a place to sell them.  This will be online, and preferably in the form of a blog.  


This is where the training comes in.  You need some skills to know how to get #1 and #2 above done.  You need some training to learn how to identify the right niche for you and the right products/services so promote within that niche.  And unless you’re already an experienced blogger, then you need some training to learn how to get a blog online, what to do with it once it’s there, and how to tie in the affiliate products/services that you’ve decided to promote.  

Affiliate Marketing Training Courses

What you can expect to learn from affiliate marketing training is everything you need to know to complete steps #1 and #2 above.  

You will learn how to choose your niche, and what products or services to promote within your niche.  

And you will learn how to create a blog online where you can sell the products/services that you’ve decided to promote.

In addition, you can expect to learn how to find customers for your products.  

Although affiliate marketing is a simple business model, until you get all 3 of these pieces in place, it’s almost impossible to be successful at affiliate marketing.  So you need to take the time to learn the skills that you need so you can build your affiliate marketing business the right way.

Check out what Pat Flynn (a well respected person in the affiliate marketing world) has to say about affiliate marketing…

“Affiliate marketing is the world’s most untapped source for generating passive income” ~ Pat Flynn


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