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Last Updated on July 28, 2021 by Mary Emmer

Do you know how to clean up word HTML before pasting it into WordPress?  Have you ever even heard that cleaning up text is a thing?


Why You Need To Clean Up Word HTML

OK well, does any of this sound familiar?

You have a WordPress blog, and you create a long post in your favorite word processing application, like Word, Google Docs, or some other one rather than creating it directly inside your WordPress back office.

Your post is long.  Did I already mention that?

Your post is also beautifully formatted, and it looks great, so it’s time to copy/paste it into WordPress so you can add the finishing touches and publish it.

You copy.  You paste.  Looking good….all set to go.

Then, you preview the post only to find all sorts of funky formatting.  Things like extra spaces and double spacing between lines that you cannot get rid of.

You’re frustrated and you just want to get the darn thing published.  So you delete it and create the entire post again right in WordPress so that you can eliminate all the funkiness.

What a colossal waste of time.  But unfortunately, we’ve all been there!

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Paste Clean Text Into WordPress

There is a solution!  You can just paste clean text into WordPress instead!

How?  You can use this simple tool called Word2CleanHTML to clean up the text before you paste it into WordPress.

And it really is a simple tool.

Steps To Clean Up Text

1.  Go to Word2CleanHTML

2.  Paste your text copy into the white box that’s labeled “Paste your document here.”

3.  Use the checkboxes below the white box to choose your formatting options.

4.  Click the “Convert to clean HTML” button.

5.  Copy the converted text and paste it into your WordPress post.

Yay!  No more funky formatting!

This tool works very well for me and I hope it will help you too.

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